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Name: South Windsor Kingdom Hall
Owner: South Windsor Kingdom Hall
Address: 630 Burnham Street
City: South Windsor, CT
Installation Date:

Installer: Tuscany Design Build, Inc.
Major Systems: Solar Photovoltaic,Geothermal Heat Pump
System Size: 56.4 Kw
Building Square Footage:
Description: The system is a 56.4 Kw with 240 panels, 10 SMA 5000 inverters. It offsets the remaining 65Mwh of usage. the building is 16,250 ft2 with 43 tons of geothermal heat pumps. There are 10 heat pumps installed system. The solar farm was built on top of the geothermal field. TIGO maxima's are installed on the panels-increasing additional power from 5-20%. Ballast and bulb replacement, new fresh air systems (ERV) and controls, tighter envelope with additional attic insulation, and IT servers energy reduction strategies employed.(Even the waste heat from the inverters is harvested into the HVAC system to offset winter load!) The building is near or at net zero energy. This is the 1st building that we know of that has used both ground mounted solar array on top of horizontal Geo field. This saves land use and enhances energy production. This may be the 1st TIGO system installed in CT for non-residential. TIGO provides (A) increase power (B) safety and fire control (#1 choice for firemen) (C) ease management of panels to reduce down time. The energy equivalent from before was reduced from 190,000 KWh (gas and electric) to 65,000 KWh