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64 Solar's mission is to provide the highest-quality workmanship possible. They succeed at this because of the integrity of their subcontractors and staff, their commitment to a solid work ethic, and their passion for staying current with the newest innovations of the industry, with consideration for the environment.



A New York based renewable energy firm that develops and invests in solar projects. Allco has the development and operational teams needed to support a diversified renewable energy organization, coupled with the in-house financial, tax and structuring expertise required to succeed in an industry that remains economically challenging.



In 2010, after 20 years as a State Capitol lobbyist, Mike Dugan established Capitol Consulting as a full service government relations firm. Capitol Consulting provides the experience, integrity, access and respect one achieves through years of successful representation of their clients' issues. Capitol Consulting is well respected with a proven network of legislative and state agency contacts to navigate the often-complex halls of state government. Capitol Consulting is founded on the simple principle that there is no substitute for hard work.


CED Greenwich was built on a long history of success in the electrical distribution industry dating back to 1957. As a company, they've pioneered strategies by bringing the newest and most advanced technologies to the market. With an international presence, strong leadership and dedicated employees, CED Greentech excels in bringing the services needed in all of the industries they support. CED identified the solar market early on as a segment that they would thrive in through strong partnerships with everyone they work with and they're excited to be changing the paradigm of Solar distribution with the Greentech model!


Citrine Power is a developer of and investor in renewable power plants with a focus on larger scale and commercial and industrial distributed generation and small scale utility systems. Their mission is to help build a nationwide sustainable power infrastructure by expediting the deployment of proven renewable resource technologies in target markets.


C-TEC Solar is a fully integrated solar development company that handles all aspects of development including design and engineering to procurement and installation. Founded in 2011, C-TEC Solar is one of the most experienced and trusted photovoltaic contractors in the Northeast who are experts in commercial and industrial roof top solar, utility scale ground mount development while also offering residential solar services. Their expertise includes knowledge of landfill and brownfield management and solar development best practices.



Direct Energy gives customers choice, simplicity, and innovation where energy, data, and technology meet. They make energy work harder for their over four milliton home and business customers across North America. They compete to earn their business every day. They empower their customers with simple solutions to track, understand, and control the electricity and natural gas they use. They provide the insights needed to make smarter decisions, be more efficient, reduce energy use, and save money.



Earthlight Technologies is a family-owned and operated business based in Ellington, CT. They specialize in solutions for residential solar, commercial solar, and commercial energy efficiency projects. Their mission is to make the process easy and seamless. Therefore, their services include in-house custom design, engineering, construction, financing, system monitoring, operations, and maintenance.


EcoSolar Installations is dedicated to quality solar thermal installations for domestic hot water, space heating, and pool heating applications. EcoSolar Installations has installed solar pool systems, evacuated tube collectors and repaired flat plate tube collectors since it's inception. They install both residential and commercial solar PV.


When EnterSolar started in 2005, they began with a clear goal that sustains them to this day: creating a trusted, single source for corporations looking to advance towards clean energy. Today, EnterSolar is one of the largest commercial solar developers in the United States, chiefly through the commitment they've made to support their clients' sustainability goals.



Greenskies Renewable Energy, LLC, a Clean Focus company develops, constructs, and maintains clean, renewable-energy projects in the United States. Greenskies ensures that its customized solar solutions operate at peak performance and deliver maximum savings to its clients.


Independence Solar is a leading commercial solar installer based in Essex, CT. They work closely with clients, delivering a project from initial feasibility analysis through permitting, financing, construction, and long term operation, all with one team dedicated to outstanding customer service.



JD Solar Solutions is a full service solar sales and installation company. They partner with the sun to help business and home owners reduce or eliminate electric bills for decades. They believe in high quality products and workmanship. They have sales offices across Connecticut and New Jersey and are licensed and eager to install across both states. They handle every step of the way to go solar and provide free on site estimates and explain the many benefits of going solar.



Litchfield Hills Solar is a fully licensed and insured Green Bank-approved Connecticut based installer of solar photovoltaic systems. Since 2009, Litchfield Hills Solar has installed over 300 systems in Litchfield County. Besides serving their predominately residential customer base, they also work with farms and agribusinesses to bring REAP grant and small ZREC support for their PV projects.


Lodestar Energy solar facilities are environmentally, socially and financially rewarding. If you're developing a solar energy facility, tap into our unparalleled breadth of experience to identify win/win solutions that others frequently overlook. Whether you're a low-income housing authority looking to reduce long-term costs, a municipality with a mandate to reduce CO2 emissions, or a public company charged with developing sustainable business practices, Lodestar Energy can help.


Northeast Smart Energy LLC is an experienced turn-key solar installer. They provide solar engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services in the Northeast. Founded in Hartford in 2009, Northeast Smart Energy has 10 years of experience installing solar photovoltaics (PV) for nearly 100 customers. Their solar installations have been for businesses, municipalities, and homes in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. In addition, volunteer projects were installed in Maine and Puerto Rico.



Since 2007, PurePoint Energy has been a leading solar provider to commercial, agricultural, and residential property owners throughout Connecticut and parts of New York. PurePoint Energy is passionate about delivering a 5-star customer experience, high performing turnkey solutions, and the best workmanship in the business. Their mission is to reduce their client's cost of operation as much as possible with customizable options, all while reducing their carbon footprint for a safer environment.



For over a decade, Danbury-based Ross Solar has designed custom solar power systems to reduce electricity costs for both home and commercial property owners. Ross knows the incentive programs, utility requirements, and municipal building codes / regulations that impact solar systems. With their parent organization - Con Edison Solutions - Ross leverages a 20-year corporate heritage of energy excellence combining to provide unmatched service, energy expertise, integrity and financial stability.



SHR Energy Management develops solar energy projects and secures financing to help businesses, non-profits, and municipalities reduce their energy costs. The SHR solutions transform a rooftop, a spare parcel of land, or upgraded electrical efficiency infrastructure into value for your bottom line.


Connecticut's longest operating and most successful residential solar installers and commercial developers are members of SolarConnecticut (SolarConn), the state's solar-specific industry business group since 2004. Founded and originally funded by the state of Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (now Connecticut Green Bank), SolarConn is now fully supported by its member companies who finance, sell, design, and install residential and commercial solar photovoltaics (PV) systems across the state and beyond.


Son Energy Systems is a local PV installer that loves to partner with homeowners in the design and building of excellent performing, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting solar electric systems. From layout detail to seamless installation to performance monitoring, we will go the extra mile to provide a customer experience and value second to none. We take time to do it right the first time.


Through owner Benjamin M. Baker's knowledge of small buildings and his experience managing construction contracts, he is uniquely qualified to understand and appreciate all of the factors that go into the suitability of a particular building or site for the production of clean solar power. Ben hopes others will learn of his projects and consider the technology for their own buildings.


When you choose a SunPower system, your home solar is backed by a national brand and installed by a local Connecticut SunPower dealer. Your local solar installer has been carefully selected by SunPower and will customize your home solar system according to local weather patterns, building materials, and city codes.



Trinity Solar is a leading designer and integrator of solar electric systems in the Northeast. Through cutting energy costs and leveraging government incentive programs, Trinity Solar strives to facilitate a thriving quality of life for as many American families and businesses as possible. Trinity Solar is a family owned operation and coordinate and complete installations across multiple states.



Are you interested in solar energy? If you have a project in mind, Verogy will originate, design, permit, and cover all steps of the development process so you can enjoy a hands-off experience. Their approach ensures optimal production and financial performance.