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CT Legislature Approves Bill To Halt Net Metering Sunset

A 2018 Connecticut law that was designed to end net metering in the state was reversed before it had a chance to take effect, according to an update from SolarConnecticut.


Do not bury solar energy in Connecticut

Adopt net metering, a proven policy that has succeeded in other states


Caucus Calls For Solar Policy Action In Connecticut

On Wednesday in Connecticut, the Bipartisan Clean Energy Caucus hosted a press conference to urge legislative colleagues and Gov. Ned Lamont, D-Conn., to take legislative action in support of solar jobs.


Connecticut solar group wins fight for transparency on 'value of solar' study

State officials had planned to waive the usual prohibition on back channel communication between regulators and parties.

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Solar jobs concentrated in Hartford County

Though Fairfield County is Connecticut's most populous region, Hartford County has more solar jobs, according to the nonprofit Solar Foundation.

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Traditional and renewable energy ‘at odds’ in Connecticut

Renewable energy produces say the state's electricity is cleaner than ever, but the struggle with traditional power sources continues. "Renewable and traditional energy industry is at odds," said Mike Trahan, executive director of Solar Connecticut.


L.A. could replace traditional power plants with home solar, experts say

Los Angeles could produce the nation's largest "virtual power plant" by linking homes equipped with solar panels and batteries, solar industry says.


Lawmakers want to amend 2018 energy bill

The Energy & Technology Committee overwhelmingly approved a compromise with Gov. Ned Lamont that solar supporters said will continue to foster the commercial and residential solar-energy markets, even as federal tax credits are reduced from the current 30 percent, down to 10 percent over the next few years.