SolarConn Update 190103 (YR8 ZREC; new ET chair)


  • PURA Confirms Year 8 ZREC

  • Monday Jan 7; 9AM Call/Meeting On Commercial Procurement At Pullman & Comley

  • New SolarConn Website Needs Your Info

  • Commercial Developer State Legislative Agenda Poll Results

  • Danbury Lawmaker Replaces Rep. Reed as State House Energy Committee Chairman


SolarConn made it clear last month to PURA that our members feel that PURA should require the EDCs to fully fund the Year 7 (2018) and Year 8 (2019) ZREC solicitations and oppose the EDCs plan to shut down the ZREC program after Year 7. PURA just announced there will be a Year 8 ZREC (see below – Compliance Order).  Also, both the Year 7 and Year 8 funds will be exhausted as in recent years. PURA ordered the EDCs to put together something PURA calls a combined Year 7/8 plan that will run under the new procurement (tariff) plan and be ready to succeed the ZREC program in early 2020. We're asking for clarity on what "combined" means. Nevertheless, there will be a Year 8 ZREC.

I know it’s short notice, but I’m asking that commercial members provide brief answers by end of day tomorrow to questions being asked by PURA (see below – Notice of Written) after SolarConn last month presented to PURA a counter plan to what the EDCs had offered. Please reply to this email with your responses. On Monday next week, 9AM January 7, there will be a conference call/in person meeting to review member responses. We must file comments to PURA by 4pm Thursday next week. The meeting will be held at Brad Mondschein's office in Hartford. Parking is in the State House Square Parking Garage on Market Street. Callers may use these call-in coordinates; Dial (641) 715-3272 / Code 892993.

SolarConn is launching a new website so its members may better receive industry information from SolarConn and for solar prospects to collect contact information on SolarConn members. The site will be operational in a week. A screenshot of our home page is attached (SolarConn website). Starting next week, future communications from SolarConn to members will be posted to the new SolarConn website member’s page. Photos of installations completed by our members will also be uploaded. To be listed on our member page, please reply with: [1] company logo; [2[ couple lines of text describing your business; [3] company website link; [4] four (4) low-res (150KB or less) images of your work.

Connecticut state lawmakers will begin work later this month drafting new bill proposals to create new laws or change current laws. Attached (SolarConn comm) are the results of a poll asking commercial developers to rank issues they’d like to see addressed this year. A poll on residential issues will go out early next week. Soon we’ll be setting up meetings with key lawmakers to get bills drafted and submitted to the Energy Committee for consideration. We’ll be asking a lot from SolarConn members this year. Namely, ensuring the state lawmakers that represent both your home address and your business address understand your business and how important our legislative agenda is to making your business more successful. More on this next week.

Danbury state Representative David Arconti (D-109) is the new House Chairman of the Legislature’s Energy Committee. We’re familiar with Rep. Arconti. He accepted the role of Co-chairman of the Legislature’s Bipartisan Clean Energy Caucus that SolarConn created last year. His district is the northeast corner of Danbury bordering Bethel and Brookfield. If you, or anyone at your company lives or works in Rep. Arconti’s district your state Representative is now a key lawmaker who will determine whether the bills we submit to the Energy Committee are acted on. Please let me know if you live or work in Rep. Arconti’s 109th state Legislative district. The Energy committee has lost several members and added several more. A complete list coming next week.

Michael Trahan Executive Director SolarConnecticut "Connecticut's Solar Industry Group Since 2007" P.O. Box 515 Higganum, CT 06441 860-256-1698

Compliance Order:

Notice of Written

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