SolarConn Update 190207 CGA action

  • CGA's Energy Committee advances all pro-solar legislative initiatives.

  • Public hearing dates announced next week. Be prepared to come to Hartford.

CT Energy Committee lawmakers met Tuesday this week and advanced 43 of the 94 bills submitted for the committee's consideration. All the issues we asked lawmakers to consider have survived. Rep. Jonathan Steinberg proposed more bills (7) than any other lawmaker. See Bill Tracker.

NEM - None of the 5 different bills filed by 5 different lawmakers to sidetrack harmful NEM changes in last year's SB9 bill survived in name, but they will be merged in a new "committee" bill called An Act Concerning Renewable Energy Tariffs. Committee bills enjoy the support of committee leadership. It's a good thing. Included will be two-year extensions to RSIP and ZRECs; our bill on "Consumers' Right to Self Generate"; and others that increase the shared solar cap; and call for a Value of Solar study to be prepared during a 2-year pause on NEM changes. See below for outline on our NEM repair plan.

VNM - A separate committee bill was created to wrap together both of Rep. Steinberg's VNM bills.

Most all of our concerns this session will be wrapped up into the these two committee bills.

The bill to restore raided clean energy funds bill did not survive. The Governor apparently is not interested in blocking the second half of last years $155M raid that'll be taken this spring.

A couple bills to keep an eye on that the Energy committee transferred to other committees:

  1. The Labor Committee will get HB 6630 that requires solar installers to complete an electrician apprenticeship.

  2. The Planning & Development Committee gets HB 5889 that gives local P&Z approval authority on PV projects with a capacity of two or more megawatts.

  3. The Legislative Management Committee gets HB 6631 which would delay a requirement that a ratepayer impact study be performed on any bill impacting electric bills BEFORE a House or Senate vote.

If we're going to be successful this legislative session, you and your co-workers must in the next two weeks:

  1. ID your / their two STATE lawmakers:

  2. Report to me the state lawmakers who represent your biz address and the home addresses of your key staff capable of lobbying their lawmakers.

  3. Get your lawmakers to visit your office and/or solar job site so they know you're in their district and should be listened to.

  4. Get your people ready to call, email, or visit lawmakers in Hartford to express their position on solar bills working their way thru the process.

Do these things, and we have a fighting chance.

I'm here to talk this over or visit you office to speak directly to your workforce.

Michael Trahan Executive Director SolarConnecticut "CT's Solar Industry Busines Group Since 2007" P.O. Box 515 Higganum, CT 06441 860-256-1698

Protecting Connecticut Solar Jobs 2019 Action Plan

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