SolarConn Update 190211

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

1. WIN @ PURA #1; SolarConn Gets Preferred YR 8 ZREC roll out plan

2. WIN @ PURA #2; SolarConn Members Get Requested Voltage Variation Change

3. UI Host Capacity Map (attachment)

4. Feb14 ET Comm Meets (no agenda out)

5. Feb13 Planning & Development Comm Meets (local P&Z block on 2MW+ PV)

6. Feb14 Clean Energy Caucus Meets (organizational meeting)

7. SolarConn Members Meet with ET House Chair

8. Tentative Member Meeting Date Feb28; 4pm New Haven

9. Education of Solar Workers Continues

10. 2018-19 Member Logo ____________________________________

1. The EDC's planned February 2019 Year 8 ZREC solicitation is off. PURA ruled last week in favor of SolarConn's request that the Year 8 ZREC solicitation occur in April instead. PURA ordered the EDCs to revise their rushed schedule for rolling out/closing out Year 8. It's the latest PURA action on a Declaratory Ruling to Net Metering and ZREC/LREC Contracts requested by SolarConn months ago.See attached "PURA YR 8 ruling."

2. It took more than a year, but we got the voltage variation change our members wanted. PURA last week, acting on a request from SolarConn, directed UI/Eversource to revise the upper bound to a maximum of +5% of standard voltage. We're hoping this change will reduce the number of projects forced to upgrade equipment before moving forward. Unsure how long it'll take for this ruling to trickle down so I suggest that members hang on to this letter in case you're questioned. See attached "SolarConn_new volt"

3. UI and Eversource have been working on "Interconnection Feasibility Maps" of their territories so home solar installers may estimate available additional hosting capacity. Eversource expects to have theirs in a couple months. The UI map is here:

4. Most all of our legislative agenda (see attached outline "SB 9 1-Pager") has been filed in the state Legislature's Energy & Technology (ET) Committee. Most important is our red-line to last year's SB9 that starting next year would: [1] maintain current NEM; [2] extend RSIP for two years at present level; [3] extend ZREC for two years (increased level); [4] conduct 2-year Value of Solar/DER that guides 2022 RSIP/ZREC successor program planning; [5] raise shared solar cap and expand VNM; [6] allow solar system to be sized to total aggregate load of the property, not just one meter. At some point later this month, or next month, (will little notice) all members will be asked to commit to a day(s) in Hartford to testify in support of our proposed legislation, meet with lawmakers face2face, or rally in support of our efforts.

5. The Legislature's Planning and Development (P&D) Committee has jurisdiction over municipal issues like P&Z. On Wednesday this week, P&D will hold a public hearing on this bill: Proposed H.B. No. 5889 AN ACT REQUIRING PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION APPROVAL OF CERTAIN SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC FACILITIES. Testimony opposing this bill can simply be an email sent here: Or, follow the more formal letterhead template and bill opposition testimony from the CT Siting Council here (send to same email address). 

6. The Legislature's Bipartisan Clean Energy Caucus that SolarConn restarted last year holds an open meeting Thursday. The co-chairs tell me they expect to determine which bills they're going to line up to support. Earlier this session the co-chairs agreed to file a bill on behalf of SolarConn that guarantees consumers' Right to Self-Generate and Store On Site Power.

7. SolarConn continues to arrange meetings between state officials and our members. We've already meet with Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, senior House/Senate energy staff, and key members of the ET Committee. We meet with DEEP officials and Governor Lamont's new energy staff this week or next. We're set to meet with ET House Chairman David Arconti (D-Danbury) Friday Feb15 at 12:30 in Hartford. SolarConn members whose workers live in Arconti's Danbury district are encouraged to attend. We have a few seats available. RSVP for this one. I will be setting more meetings with key lawmakers and SolarConn members living in towns represented by those lawmakers. 

8. Tentative SolarConn General Member Meeting Date Feb28; 4pm New Haven.

9. Starting this week, I begin meeting with member company owners and their staff to educate them on how to get their voices heard at the state Legislature. It's part civics lesson and part political strategy. Both are important at this critical time when lawmakers - with little or no understanding of solar - are about to decide the industry's fate. I understand we don't want to alarm staff. But let's not get caught wishing we engaged lawmakers before they voted ... instead of after they voted.

10. Not using your SolarConn Member logo (see attached) on letterhead and email? Spread the word.

Michael Trahan Executive Director SolarConnecticut "Connecticut's Solar Industry Group Since 2007" P.O. Box 515 Higganum, CT 06441 860-256-1698

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